Plastic Pots Containers

Plastic Pots - Containers

We are Supplier of Plastic Pots, Hanging basket/ pots, and Containers for Indoor and Outdoor Garden Plants in Ahmedabad.

Products :
  • Plastic Pots/Containers
  • Plastic Pots/Container Trays/Saucers
  • Plastic Watering Can - 5 Liter, 10 Liter
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Seedling Tray - 12 - 24 - 40 Cavity Tray for Seed Germination/ Plant Cutting Propogation. 
  • Nursery Bags - Growing Seeds/ Vegetables, Plant Cuttings.

hanging basket pot ahmedabad
Green Hanging Basket Pot/ Planter
Pot size: Top 22cm Height 13 cm
Hanger: stick 30cm
Teracotta Colour Hanging Basket
Teracotta Hanging Basket
Big Hanging Basket cum Bird Water Feeder
4.5 inch Nursery Plastic Pots

small plastic pot for garden plant propogation
6" Small Black Plastic Pots, Container
Size:  Top  15 cm ,  Height 16 cm Bottom: 9.5 cm
6" Green Plastic Pots / Containers

plastic pots container kunda ahmedabad
Black Plastic Plant Pot, Container for Garden
Size: Top 28 cm , Height 24 cm

Terracotta color Plastic Pot, Container
Size: Top 28 cm, Height 24 cm

plastic pots in ahmedabad gujarat
Green Plastic Pots

plastic pots trays saucers ahmedabad
Plastic Pot/ Containers Trays/ Saucers
Size: Top: 21.5 cm Deep: 3 cm
Plastic Pot Trays Size: 9", 11", 13", 16"

plastic pots in ahmedabad for garden plants
Teracotta colour plastic pots
Top = 22cm (inner round) Height = 20.5 cm
white bonsai pot
White Plastic Bosai Pot

bonsai pots in ahmedabad
Teracotta Plastic Bonsai Pots

green bonsai pot
Green Round Plastic Bonsai Pot

round bonsai pots ahmedabad
Plastic Round Bonsai Pots

watering can in ahmedabad
10 Liter Plastic Watering Can

watering can ahmedabad
Garden Plants Watering Can

watering can
Watering Can - fountain
round plastic pots containers ahmedabad
6 inch Teracotta color small Round Plastic Pots
Size:  Top  15 cm ,  Height 16 cm Bottom: 9.5 cm

seed germination trays ahmedabad
24 Cavity/ Cell Seedling Tray / Seed Germination Tray 
12 cavity seed tray supplier ahmedbad
12 Cavity Seedling Tray

seedling trays root trainer ahmedabad
40 Cavity / Cell Root Trainer Trays

plastic window planter square pots ahmedabad
Window Planters, Pots

Plastic Window Planter Pots 24 x 13 x 11 inch

Quality Plastic Window Planter Pots 43 x 13 x 11 inch

big plastic pots in ahmedabad
Big Plastic Pots - Terracotta Colour 29 x 29 x 27 inch