Perlite for Plants

We offers horticulture grade perlite for garden plants, kitchen garden, seed germination, nursery, terrace garden use in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Perlite is a right soil conditioner for beautiful gardens, lawns and house plants.

Special Features :
Light weight
Increase water holding capacity and fertilizer retention
Improves soil structure
Eliminates soil crusting and compacting
Improves drainage and aeration
Provides uniform growing media
Produces denser root structure

Uses :
Planting shrubs and bulbs, staring seeds
For Flower beds and newly prepared lawns
Planting trees, shrubs or vines
Lightweight Rooftop Gardening
Potting House plants
Root Cuttings
Soil mixes for planters
Flower Arranging, Mulching, Storage and Packing of bulbs, Cuttings and Dormant plants
Storing bulbs and root crops
Packing cuttings and dormant plants