Bonsai tools

Bonsai Tools & kit

We offers Falcon Bonsai Tools Kits Set for Bonsai trees and plants maintenance and care use. mini garden tools for bonsai plants.

1. Falcon Bonsai 3 Pcs set:
  • Falcon bonsai garden tool set contains small, big trowel & Rake specially designed for indoor small bonsai trees plants use. 
  • Price: 235/-
    Falcon bonsai 3 pcs FBGT-123
    Falcon Mini Bonsai 3 Pcs Kit

2. Falcon Bonsai Tool Kit 4 Pcs Set
  • Falcon bonsai Tool kit 4 pcs set contain Small trowel, big trowel, Rake & Bonsai cutter.
  • Price: 450/-