bonsai plants for sale in ahmedabad

Bonsai plants for sale, Buy Bonsai Trees & Plants in Ahmedabad. Decorate your House/ home, office, hotel, hospital, showroom and Garden corner, Gift a Plants to your Friends and Relatives and its a best Live Corporate Gift. we offers Various plants bonsai which is Developed in Ahmedabad So it can Set easily in your Garden. Peepal, Banyan, Chikoo, Pomegranate, Guava, Ficus, Bougainvillea and many more. we also develop Bonsai plants according to your requirements.

View Here Bonsai plants:

cascading ficus bonsai ahmedabad

Cascading Bonsai Plant - Price: Rs. 3700/-

bougainvillea bonsai plant ahmedabad

Bougainvillea Plant Bonsai - Price: Rs.5000/-

areca palm plant pot

Areca Palm Mug - Price: Rs.2300/-

Ficus Landscape - Price: Rs.2000/-

Ficus Bonsai - Price: Rs.5000/-

ficus panda bonsai tree

Ficus Panda Bonsai - Price: Rs.5000/-

waterfall landscape pot ahmedabad

Waterfall Landscape, Price: Rs. 2200/-

mini garden in pot

Mini Garden in Pot - Price: Rs. 2000

Bamboo cluster bonsai plant

Bamboo Cluster Bonsai - Price: Rs. 3700/-

ficus panda bonsai ahmedabad
Ficus Panda Bonsai
2 ft. Height
Price : Rs. 4500/-

cascading ficus bonsai plant
Cascading Ficus Bonsai
12 inches width

ficus plant bonsai
Ficus Bonsai
25 inches Height
Cost: Rs. 3,500/-

grafted ficus bonsai plant
Grafted Ficus Bonsai
27 inch. Height
Rs. 3,500/-

ficus root on the rock bonsai
Ficus side-table bonsai
2.5 ft. Height
Rs. 7,800/-

bougainvillea side-table bonsai
Bougainvillea Side-table Bonsai
2 ft. Height

Bonsai cluster for sale
Bonsai Cluster
10' Height
Rs. 15,600/-
Ceramic bird bath container
Blue Ceramic Birdbath Pot with Aralea,
Spider grass, Pink Syngonium
25 inch width
Rs. 3250/-

Ceramic Round Wall pots
Ceramic Round Wall Pots with syngonium,
zebrina, button creeper
9 inch width
Rs. 1300/- (each)

ceramic waterbody pot
Ceramic Waterbody Pot with Mini Croton,
Spider Grass, Sensorvaria, Aralea
1 ft. Width
Rs. 3250/-

Landscaped plant tray
Designer Landscaped tray with Aralea, Pilea, Spider grass, Rocks and Statues
Size: 1 ft. Width
Rs. 3250/-

Brassia Landscaped try in Ahmedabad
Designer Landscaped Tray with Brassia Varigated Portulica,
Sensorvaria, Pepromia, Rocks and statues
1 ft. Width
Rs. 3500/-

Boat pot with plants ahmedabad
Bot Pot with Aralea, Sensorvaria, Kalanchoe,
Rocks, and Statues
1 feet width
Rs. 3250/-

Landscape plant tray ahmedabad
Designer Landscaped Tray with Brassia, Sensorvaria,
Pineapple plant, Rocks and Statues
25 inches width
Rs. 3250/-

Landscape pot plants ahmedabad
Designer Landscaped Tray with Ficus Sensorvaria,
Spider Grass, Zebrina, Rocks and Statues
size: 25 inch width
Rs. 3250/-

stone planter with ficus plant
  Stone Planter with ficus, Yellow Sansevieria, zebrina,
Rocks and Statues
9 inch width x 6 inch height
Rs. 3250/-

hanging plant ahmedabad
   Designer Hanging Landscape with Aralea,
Sensorvaria, Button Creeper, Rocks and statues
size: 25 inch
Rs. 2,600/-

Designer Hanging Ceramic Pot with
Syngonium and Spider Grass
20 Inches Height
Rs. 2600/-

Corporate gift plant
Designer Ceramic Square tray with Ficus, Spider Grass,
Sensorvaria, Button creeper, Rocks and statues
2 ft. x 2 ft.
Rs. 3250/-

garden pot plants in ahmedabad
Bull Pot with rocks, kalancho,
Syngonium, zebrina, Rocks.
6.5' width x 4' Height
Rs. 1950/-

Gift plants in ahmedabad
Grey Ceramic Pot with rocks, syngonium, zebrina
7' height x 4.2' height
Rs. 1950/-

ceramic wall hanger plant
  Ceramic wall hanger with Varigated Portulica
12 inch Width
Rs. 1950/-

wall hanging palnt ahmedabad
 Ceramic Wall Hanger
with Pepromia
12 inch width
Rs. 1,950/-

rock pot in ahmedabad
Rock Pot with Aralea, Kalancho, Zebrina,
and chlorophytum plant
4' width x 7' Height
Rs. 2340/-

decorative pot plants ahmedabad
Trellis Pot with Ipomea plant
8' width x 14' Height
Rs. 2600/-

garden watering can pot
Metal watering can with
pepromia chlorophytum, zebrina
12 inch height
Rs. 1950/-